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The Marketing Group invites you to join us in congratulating our Colorado Springs client, Danielle Doyle, Vice President of Jayden Homes, on being named the Housing and Building Association’s Builder Member of the Year. The past chairman of the Colorado Springs Parade of Homes Committee, Danielle is a graduate of the HBA Emerging Leaders and a member of the Board of Directors. Recognized for her outstanding contributions to the industry and the association, Danielle is a graduate of UCCS and a second-generation home builder with 14 years of experience in custom home building. As the builder and designer, Danielle works directly with Jayden Homes families from plan design and selections to on-site walk-throughs. Additionally, Danielle was the 2018 Chairman for the National Association of Home Builders Builder 20 Group – The Profits. In her free time, Danielle enjoys sharing her free time with friends and family and enjoying the great Colorado outdoors.

Celebrating over three decades in Colorado Springs, second-generation Jayden Homes, builds award-winning homes (and award-winning relationships) in El Paso, Elbert, and Douglas counties. A quality conscious Colorado Springs custom home builder with an emphasis on establishing a close working partnership with our clients, Jayden Homes is dedicated to providing an extraordinary home building experience with a well-thought-out process that allows for less waste and a more efficient method to the construction of your custom home.

About The Marketing Group:   With over 3 decades of experience, TMG is a digital and traditional boutique marketing firm offering a variety of digital and traditional marketing services including website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine marketing, public relations, advertising, and strategic planning.  The Marketing Group is an award-winning marketing firm with offices in Colorado Springs, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Managing Partner and CMO, Shelley La Judice, is a member of the Housing and Building Association of Colorado Springs, a mulitiple year Chairman of the Parade of Homes Committee, and the 2015 HBA Associate Member of the Year.

The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
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