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Create impact with your messaging

How do your customers interact with you? What drives traffic to your business or to your website? The Marketing Group can help focus your interactions via identity, branding, sales training, event hosting and all things for traditional and digital marketing.

Increase your website traffic with managed SEO services that include all things for website structure and content. Social media posts across Facebook, Instagram and other channels, along with Google Business Profile management and Google Ads campaigns are but some of our marketing skillsets that will help increase your website traffic.

Advertising / Campaign / BRANDING
You know where you are and where you want to get to, but how? The Marketing Group, as your outsourced marketing department, can craft the roadmap used in your strategic planning. Step by step, with actionable items, we’ll help you get there.
The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
The American Marketing Association defines marketing as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Your message needs to be heard – or read – for you to be successful, and that’s what The Marketing Group can help you with, whether it is through print or media ad buys, placement (billboards, banners, etc.), or events (hosted radio promotions, sponsoring industry events, open houses, to name a few channels here). Everything we do is geared to help provide value to you and your customers.
The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
Don’t like your current logo, or just need one to begin with? This is one of our favorite services – coming up with a new logo for you that is catchy, modern, stylish, and captures your personality. We’ll interview you, maybe ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and then we’ll show you several options or concepts, and work with you to refine your choice and come up with something you’ll be pleased with. And with your new logo, use it in print advertising and all places digital – on your website and on social media.
The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
Google Ads / SEO / Google Business Profile
We cover it all with Google: Analytics, managing your business profile (setup/creation/weekly posts/managing reviews), integrating your site with Search Console, and managing your Ads account. Email campaigns? No problem. Social media too, with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
Homebuilder marketing is our sweet spot to be sure. Everything from sales promotions and sales training, to launching new communities, providing interior design consulting for model homes, staging homes for homebuilder association Home-a-ramas (many of our current and past clients have won their local peoples’ choice awards for best home, in addition to wins in many subcategories), and even maintaining your available homes inventory on your website (plus hosting your current or newly redesigned site), The Marketing Group can do it all for you.
The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
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