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NEWS: TMG launches new website for Putnam Heritage. Every once in a while a new project comes along that’s more than a project but an oppportunity to make a difference in the community.  Such is the case with our newest client, Putnam Heritage Assisted Living.  The Marketing Group is excited to announce the completion of our newest digital and traditional marketing project and website for Putnam Heritage, an assisted living facility located in Ottawa, Ohio.  Serving the residents of Putnam County, Putnam Heritage is a nearly 100 suite all-inclusive assisted living facility serving those who are no longer able to fully care for themselves. Accepting both private pay and medicaid waiver clients, Putnam Heritage is owned by retired physician, Dr. Charles David, and offers a wide selection of facility amenities and living options including assisted living, independent living, and respite care.

The scope of work for Putnam Heritage included new branding and digital, traditional, and social media marketing. When asked about working with The Marketing Group, Dr. David, owner of Putnam Heritage, said, “We couldn’t do it without The Marketing Group.  Their professionalism, creativity and knowledge of digital technology are just what we need to fill the beds of Putnam Heritage and provide assistance to the residents of Putnam County.”

About The Marketing Group: With over 3 decades of  marketing experience, TMG is a digital and traditional boutique marketing firm offering a variety of digital and traditional marketing services including website design, graphic design, social media marketing, search engine marketing, public relations, advertising, and strategic planning.  The Marketing Group is an award-winning marketing firm with offices in Colorado Springs, Cincinnati, and Louisville.

The Marketing Group - Digital and Traditional Marketing
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